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We understand that it is not just the tool which makes the difference, but the skilled craftsmen who use it.

We take great care to bring your ideas to life and we combine our passion with continuous improvement to make your world better. Services include:

Concept Development - From solving your burning questions to developing your dream idea.

CAD CAM Design Service - Full design incorporating SolidWorks CAD and one CNC CAM software.

Full R&D prototype service - From initial concept to full production.

3D Printing - High resolution 3D print facility.

Reverse Engineering  - Manufacture and development of long lost components.

Injection Moulding - 2x 90T Sandretto injection moulding machines.

CNC Turning - 6 x Turning machine, up to 550mm Dia. 1350 mm Length. Machines include: CMZ TC 35Y-1350 Turning / Milling Machine, Haas ST30 with Bar Feed, Haas SL20, Haas TL1, Doosan Lynx 220 LM with Bar Feed, Doosan Lynx 220

CNC Milling - 8 x Milling, up to 1524 x 660 x 610 mm machining bed; including a 20mm 5Axis Tornos (Swiss) Sliding Head and 4 sq. mtr. Routing system, plus 2 Heavy Saw Cutters. Machines include: Haas VF4ss, Haas MDC 500, Haas VM3 with 4th Axis, Haas VF2, Haas VF1, Haas TM1, XYZ VM 4000

Light Fabrication - MIG/TIG Welding facility with Powder Coat & Painting & surface treatment capability in our supply chain.

Technical Assembly – Allow our craftsmen to assemble your product, removing the headache and problems with scaling up production.

CMM & Faro Arm measurement capability - ISO 9001:2008 material inspection & analysis.

Project Management – Remove all of the headaches involved with manufacture; from concept development, design for manufacture, technical assembly, distribution and shipping. Let us do it for you. 

Our Value Proposition

Why do people buy from us?

We solve client's problems. Quick Turnaround. Competitive.

What do they get?

High quality products, solutions and services. Design and Innovation. Reduced lifetime costs. Increased profits.

What makes us different, special or unique?

The genuine ability to take an idea, manage the entire process, manufacture and then deliver to the customer.

What added value do we offer?

Reduced timescales. Reduced costs. Better service. Confidence and piece of mind.

Our Four Group Divisions:

SMC - Precision Engineering, Design and Machining.
Sectors include Automotive, Oil and Gas, Food, Energy, Petrochemical, Medical.

Cobtec - Commercial hardware manufacturing.

Construction, Architecture, Building Maintenance.

Masterlube - Precision lubrication delivery systems.

Agriculture, Rail, Off Highway Equipment, Shipping, Mining.

Reverse Alarm - Process / Automotive / Off Highway Audible Systems.
Agriculture, Rail, Off Highway, Manufacturing, Automotive.

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Bignall Group Divisions

"Our core values are to do something good in the community, act with honesty and integrity, grow local employment and promote quality of service."
Mark Coatsworth, Group Commercial Manager